About Us

Thank you so much for the vintage loving and taking the time to be interested and find importance in knowing where the products you invest in are created & found. We really appreciate a customer like you.


About Us

mocha, established in 2020, is rooted in the idea of bringing awareness and sharing our journey of vintage and slow fashion, focusing on simple and timeless design in natural colors mother earth gave us. Our vintage garments are handpicked all over the world with the ambition to give them a new life and participate to a circular economy. 

Each vintage piece shown in our shop is unique and has its own story. 



Sustainability is the core of our business. Our aim is to slow down the fast-paced industry because it's our duty more than ever, to be more thoughtful with our buying choices. By shopping pre-loved & slow fashion items, you help to reduce the demand for fast fashion by approaching things with an honest mindset.

In addition, we are convinced that buying vintage is a simple way to get unique designs, with a much better quality and at a better price. 

Buy items you will love forever!



We believe that ethical fashion is to recognize that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear and the people who wear them can change the world! We value the close relationships we have with our production teams and are fully transparent who we work with, and the materials we use.



We care about the future of our planet by reducing the consumption of plastics, water and using recycled materials. All orders are shipped plastic free in organic cotton mesh bags & eco-friendly kraft mailers or boxes seeled with paper tape. Our shipping labels are biodegradable. The goal is to create pieces that are low impact from start to finish.