Interview - Kristina (Founder)

Kristina Stefanovic is a creator, artist, entrepreneur and an iconic muse for mocha. Kristina founded mocha (est. in 2020) where she curates vintage and pre loved pieces in natural tones mother earth gave us. Read along for a deep dive into her inspirations, rituals for living and state of mind.

How would you describe yourself if you had to relate yourself to one thing - be it a place, and experience, a feeling ...

Light...I feel most alive in the light and try to bring light to others.

What is your favourite piece from our collection?

Linnen Pants, literally living in them. Couldn’t choose my favorite vintage piece - love all!

Tell us about a recent rediscovery or discovery?

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for tailoring. I’m a lover of all things unique, so I’ve not only been collecting ones I find, but also delving into creating owo pieces with my own hands, which has been therapeutic and extremely fun to learn. 

Describe your ideal state of mind? How do you achieve it?

I’m always seeking blissful moments in my daily life. Usually I can achieve it by floating in the sea with the sun shining on my face. 

Find out more about Kristina and her visuals here

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